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Beerune, is an original character belonging to me Hayley Gross ( and, she has been created for my Summer novella "Bargain of Bones" (2016). Beerune's PB is Beth Riesgraf, Ms Riesgraf is her own person, no impersonation is intended. Beerune belongs to me.

Here is a Synopsis for "Bargain of Bones":

Beerune, a Paladin-Holy-Lawyer, adherent of the Goddess Sheem of Protective Justice, struggles as legal representative to protect a community of skeletons, created for a conflict 60 years ago. Her home the Republic of Attrella, works to eradicate the community to cover over its old sins and start a profitable trade a agreement with a neighboring nation, that requires the destruction of the community.

The Basics

Name: Beerune (bee-rune)

age: 33

Origin: Republic of Atrella (a Mediterranean fantasy setting much like the Roman Republic)

An adherent (member of the order of clergy like a monk) to Sheem the Goddess of Protective Justice. Skilled in research, writing, reading, court cases, being a lawyer, experience in witness protection, very capable in self defense. She's very much a Paladin lawful good aligned and sworn to the protection of those who have been wronged and or are the most vulnerable. Dedicating her life to the Goddess Sheem, she has no spouse, no family, no other home than the Anticea's temple to Sheem.

Distinctive Features: Natural white-blonde hair, many many dark freckles all over, green-blue eyes like the sea, a kind smile and eyes that also show her as an old soul, tall for a female same height as the average man, wiry and strong.

Status: Currently working the most demanding and difficult case of her life so far. (Mentioned in the Synopsis above)

Upfront Personality Traits: Very kind by nature and taught from day one that compassion is the most important virtue. Part of her adherents code is that no justice of Sheem can be, that is not based first in compassion. Inquisitive, hard working, bookish, consistent, dedicated to the cause of her Goddess. Flaws: Curious to the point of self endangerment, compelled to right wrongs, puts her dedication above her needs, lonely due to fearing not fully dedicated to Sheem. Flirts with the popular belief where believers turn to Sheem for vengeance if the courts fail, even though this goes against the dogma she was raised with. Often has a Sheem answer, but no Beerune answer.

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